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In conversation with Simonetta Agnello Hornby

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Food memories - Tasty discoveries. How food never lets you down.

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A conversation between author Simonetta Agnello Hornby and Diego Zancani, Emeritus Oxford professor and author of How we fell in love with Italian food How come that a huge plate of steaming macaroni helped the great Giacomo Casanova escape from the Leads, Venice most famous and guarded prison? And were Casanova’s macaroni our kind of maccheroni? Food and words go hand in hand, and yet they can ambush us at every turn in the most unexpected way creating a wholly new landscape of lost memories and new desires. Author Simonetta Agnello Hornby famous for her many novels including La Mennulara, La zia Marchesa, Boccamurata, and most recently Piano Nobile has shared recipes and anecdotes from her dining table and family life back in her native Sicily with her readers in Un filo d’olio, La cucina del buon gusto penned with Maria Rosario Lazzati, and La pecora di Pasqua co-authored with Chiara Agnello. She will be in conversation with Diego Zancani, an Italianist, a Renaissance expert, a historian of the language with a passion for food and its history. His book How We Fell in Love with Italian Food tells us once and for all what happened from the moment Julius Caesar left the White Cliffs of Dover and Jamie Oliver arrived riding his Vespa. Partly charming memoir, rich in etymologies and new findings, Zancani shows us the ups and down of the British relationship with Italian cuisine mixing scholarship, anecdotes and humour with a light touch. Simonetta Angello Hornby is an Italian novelist and food writer. She has lived in London since 1972, where she worked as a solicitor specialising in children’s and domestic violence cases and became part-time chairman of the Special Education Needs and Disabilities Tribunal. Her debut novel The Almond Picker, first published in 2005, has recently been adapted into a graphic novel with illustrations by Massimo Fenati. As well as novels, she has written memoirs (Via XX Settembre, La mia Londra), a children’s story Rosie e gli scoiattoli di St James (with George Hornby), Nessuno può volare, about the challenges faced by people with disabilities, and Il male che si deve raccontare about domestic violence. In 2016 she was bestowed the honour of Grande Ufficiale dell'Ordine della stella d'Italia by the Italian President Sergio Mattarella. Diego Zancani is Emeritus Professor of Medieval and Modern Languages at Oxford University and an Emeritus Fellow of Balliol College, Oxford. He has taught in numerous British Universities, including the University of Oxford for nearly 25 years. He has been a Visiting Professor both at Harvard University and at various universities across Italy. He has published widely in the field of Renaissance studies, the history of the language, contemporary and comparative literature and the history of food. In 2007 he was bestowed the honor of Commendatore (Commander) dell’Ordine della Solidarietà Italiana by S.E. Giancarlo Aragona, Ambassador of Italy in London.

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