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Vicky Bennison was here!

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Vicky Bennison, the creator of the Pasta Grannies sensational YouTube channel, was here with her cameraman Charlie to film me making Pisaréi e Fasó, 'little willies and beans'! This is an old dish from Piacenza which is generally recognised as a real peasant relic, and which can be made as a completely vegetarian dish, or with the addition of a little pork. Basically they are very small dumplings of flour and fine breadcrumbs with a bean and tomato sauce. Both my grandmother and my mother produced excellent versions of this tasty and nutritious dish, which is not a soup, and does not really belong to the macaroni family either, although it can be served with a more or less liquid sauce. I give the recipe in How we fell in love with Italian food, on pp. 140-141. Check Vicky's instagram account to see a photo of the Pisaréi e Fasó I made yesterday and much more! I will let you know when the video is available.

Photo by Charlie Williams ©

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